Winner of ‘How Many Copic Markers Do You Own?’

Good morning! It’s that time of month again where we announce the winners! Our three lucky random winners from the ‘How Many Copic Markers Do You Own?‘ competition are…

*drum roll*


Artymaz,  Crece Thomas & Amylittle 85

Girls, please e-mail our lovely editor Ellen (scrap.editor [at] with your contact details so we can send your goodies out to you quick smart.


How Many Copic Markers Do You Own?

Good morning friends.

Welcome to this month’s instalment of ‘How Many Do You Own?’  March is the month where we divulge how many Copic Markers we own…or very similar products such as Spectrum Noir.

Each month I type with guilty fingers admitting to you just how many (and I mean MANY) I own of the various crafting items. But wait for it… I own no copic markers… a big fat zero! Don’t get me wrong – I think Copics are amazing.  I love what people do with them but I made a decision not to enter into the world of Copics as I knew if I bought one, I would then just have to have them all (and there sure are lots and lots of Copics).  I also have very comprehensive sets of Tombow Markers, water colour pencils, Prisma pencils, Gelatos, Twinklings H2Os, water colour crayons (Neo Colour 2), Faber Castel markers and a splendid variety of paints.  I can, however, feel my resolve crumbling and I know that I will be filled with envy when I read of your collections.

Here are two cards created by the talented Cookie Aguilar using her Copic Markers.

In the comment section below let me know how many Copic Markers you own and what your favourite colours are.

Three random winners will be announced this time next month…so you have to be in it to win one of the wonderful packs shown below.


Kind regards, always,

How Many Rolls of Washi Tape Do You Own?

Good morning friends.

Welcome to this month’s instalment of ‘How Many Do You Own?’  February is the month where we divulge how many rolls of washi tape we own.  Oh, we love our washi tapes as they come in a plethora of colours and patterns.  They are very reasonably priced, easy to use and absolutely ‘in’ at the moment.

My entire stash of 96 rolls  is photographed below – I did not realise until I organised my washi tapes for the photo just how many black and white ones I owned LOL.   The ‘birds on a wire’ is my all time favourite.

How many do you own? What is your favourite washi tape?  I would love to see a photo of your collection.

Please write in the comment section below and you could be one of the lucky 3 random winners of this wonderful Prima pack.  Winners will be announced same time, same place next month.

prima prize

Thanks for playing along. — Jenny xx

How Many Punches Do You Own?

This month, I am asking you to count your punches.


I counted my own stash and the ‘slightly alarming’ results are: Border punches 28, Corner punches 12, Punch anywhere punches 4, Butterflies 5, Leaves 5, Circles 8, Flowers 15, Stars 2, Hearts 3, Tags 2, Squares 4, plaques 4, Snowflakes 3, Squares 3 and Miscellaneous 31

A total of 121 punches.

One of my dear friends who owns LOTS of punches reported counting 273 – quite impressive. I challenge anyone out there to beat this.

How many punches do you own?  I’ve been honest with you, now it is time for you to come clean. In the comments section below please tell us your total and 3 random winners will be announced same time next month. Don’t forget to call by to check whether you have won. A picture of the prize pack to tempt you:untitled-2

Just How Many Stencils Do You Own?!

Why do we love to buy stencils so much? They are everywhere–in all the papercraft shops and shows, seducing us with their useful, versatile or just plain drop-dead gorgeous designs. They are relatively cheap to buy and you can store lots at home so easily as they lie beautifully compact and flat.

I have 111.  I just love the alphabets, the ultra-versatile dots and squares, the arty silhouettes and all those wonderful other shapes. Please don’t ask me how many I have used, but I definitely INTEND to use them all…one day 🙂

After counting my stencils for you, I vowed to not buy anymore. That was until I went onto Facebook and found a link to Tim Holtz latest stencils – now I need 16 more as these ones are to die for.  Whilst watching the video he also recommended a Distress Ink colour that I didn’t have.  That was followed by a visit to my favourite online scrapbook Store and an $80 purchase later (there were some amazing must have specials and a few brilliant new items) … I wondered, how did that happen??

So, I’ve had to include Tim’s video so you can be tempted too…

How many stencils do you own?  I’ve been honest with you, now it is time for you to come clean. In the comments section below please tell us how many stencils you own and a random winner will be announced same time next month.  Here is a picture of the prize pack to tempt you.


JennyGarlickThanks for playing along!