Guest Post: Easel Cards by Kerry-Jean Watson (Part 1)

Ed’s note: Kerry-Jean gave us so many beautiful creations that we wanted to show her off a little more. Look out for Part 2 on Friday!

01.1The card: a little bit of art you can give to someone special. I love making cards and all of them are different except for a general style that can be found in them all. The thing that I find amazing is there are so many different card styles, that really you can never get bored. Stumped yes, but not bored.

One of my favourite card styles is the easel card — and it is so simple. The best thing about this style of card is it is designed to display itself. How awesome is that? I think one of the keys to making great cards is the sparing use of vibrant colour and textures. I try and use 2 or 3 different patterned papers and no more, otherwise it gets a little crowded or busy.

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A simple card solution for the super busy

I just love working with old book pages. In fact, old Reader’s Digest Books are probably my fave and incorporating them into your card making or scrapping is super easy. (Ed’s note: We did feature on old books and how to use them in scrapbooking in issue 101 — it’s definitely a hot topic right now!)

These cards were created in next to no time at all for my daughters’ dance and school teachers.


Now, don’t get me wrong … this is a technique that has been around for years – and it is far from my own; but revisiting it has reminded me how effective and super cute it is!

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