Are you part of a kit club?

Kit clubs have been around for many years in scrapbooking. The simplicity and ease of all the elements that you need to create a project being delivered directly to your door — what’s not to love?

Today I’m going to have a look at a few of the kit clubs around the world and what they have on offer.

EDITOR NOTE: Please note that Natalie has no affiliation with any of the American kit clubs. Also note that Scrapbook Creations does not have any formal affiliation with any of these clubs, besides the occasional layout being published in the mag or on the blog using some of the kit items.

Studio Calico
This is possibly the most popular one that I’m aware of. I have quite a few friends that are subscribers to this club (and I may have recently signed up myself) and know a couple of very talented ladies on their Design Team. I love that they offer a couple of Kit options: Scrapbook, Card and Project Life kits and they are all at really decent prices. The variety of product is pretty impressive. The image on the left is the Studio Calico March Scrapbook kit.

Citrus Twist
I really love the look of this kit club. There are so many add-ons and options plus they offer Project Life and Embellishment kits too. The March ‘Fireflies’  kit look like it’s fantastic value for money!

Gossamer Blue
Another GORGEOUS kit that is right on trend with the latest and greatest. I love that the March kit includes some cutting files for Cameo users. They also offer plenty of options to add on to coordinating kits as well – quite a few different Project Life style kits are available.

Cocoa Daisy
Sharmaine Kruijver is on the Design Team and totally rocks these edgy kits. I love their trend towards slightly masculine but totally useable products in this kit. I especially adore the inclusion of stamps! Another kit club with plenty of add on extras as well including PL and Art kits!

A Piece of Cake Designs
OK … time to play favourites here a little. I am on the Design Team for APOCD and I love Raquel’s kits. Each month she puts together two amazing kits: the Main kit and the Cupcake.  I love using them both. She also creates exclusive Flairs and wood veneers to go with each kit which I think is an unique point of difference with these kits. Great value for money too!

So if you are lacking inspiration or need help choosing your products, maybe head over and see if any of these take your fancy. (I’m eagerly awaiting my next APOCD & Studio Calico kits)

Have a great day!


Do you love ScrapFX?

Our APOCD blog hop was super successful that we thought we’d bring you a very special blog hop….

Scrapbook Creations & ScrapFX present
Chipboard Christmas!

ScrapFX have been a big supporter of Scrapbook Creations for years and we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate another successful year than host this blog hop together! So, this is a callout for all of those who love chipboard, and specifically ScrapFX chipboard.

Like with the APOCD blog hop, just link us to a project that you’re particularly proud of using chipboard in the comments.

Keep in mind the theme when you nominate yourself–we are looking for Christmas projects. The blog hop will be posted on Monday 2 December, which is close enough to Christmas to start getting excited about it!

I would also like to point out that ScrapFX have started creating mini chipboard pieces that I personally think would work well on cards, decorations, PL-inserts and the like–if you’re much more organised than me and started thinking about those sorts of thing.

I look forward to going through all your links! Note: this callout closes 22 November.

The FLAIR BLOG HOP is here!


Welcome to the Scrapbook Creations and A Piece of Cake Designs blog hop! Join us today as we take an online tour around the internet to show you some of the amazing creative people using flairs out there.

Scrapbook Creations
(SC online team: Natalie MRenee IJenny G)
Kayla M
Alison C
Lizzy H
Sharmaine K
Michelle S
Kylie C
Holly C
Natalie E
A Piece of Cake Designs

And guess what? There’s something in it for you for following along. If you leave a comment on all of the hop blog posts or if post your own blog post with a flair project and link to our blog hop, you go into the draw to win!

(Please note: you do not need to comment on the SC online teams blogs–just a comment here is fine.)

ONE Major winner: $25 gift voucher to APOCD and a one-year subscription (six issues) to Scrapbook Creations
TWO Minor winners: Variety of flairs from APOCD and a six-month subscription (three issues) to Scrapbook Creations

Onto the PROJECTS!

Here at SC HQ, we were very lucky that all of our design team wanted to be part of the flair hop–honestly, I think it’s just because flairs are so in right now and they just couldn’t wait to use them.

These are just a few of the gorgeous creations I’ve seen over the last couple of days. (Click the image for a larger image.)

Also, don’t forget to head over to the SC online team’s blogs and check out the rest!

Guest Post: Raquel from A Piece of Cake Designs


What is my store?

My name is Raquel Bowman and my store is a little online store called ‘A Piece of Cake Designs’ (APOCD) which has been my baby since March 2012.

Why did you start it?

APOCD was an idea that I had rolling around in my head since 2011 and official planning and website design began in September 2011, with the launch in March 2012. At the time of our launch, there was a definite gap in the market in Australia for Scrapbooking kits. As an avid scrapbooker, I was a ‘kit purchaser’ myself and found that I was sourcing my kits from the US as there was nothing available in Australia that suited my tastes. Hence, APOCD was born.

What’s your speciality?

I specialise in scrumptious Scrapbooking kits that are filled to the brim with the latest and greatest supplies and also sell exclusive items designed by me only available in my store. I pride myself on putting together gorgeous kits that include coordinating patterned papers from a variety of manufacturers, alphabets, embellishments and as mentioned above, exclusive items that you can get no where else, such as Cherry Flair buttons, wood veneer and masks.

Since March 2012, APOCD has grown dramatically, with the introduction of another smaller kit; a ‘Cupcake’ kit and in January 2013, the launch of our Cherry Flair. Recently, we have also introduced masks and wood veneer designed by myself especially for APOCD. Continue reading