Creative Storage Solutions!

As crafters we all suffer from the same dilemma and that is storage solutions for our supplies and tools. Unless you have a dedicated craft space or room you can just let loose in storing our precious scrappy bits and bots can be a struggle.

Here is a few creative ideas I found on Pinterest:

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Hope these pics have inspired you to sort out your stash 🙂

Would to love to see your storage solutions!

luv Renee xoxox


Who loves washi?

Washi tape storageAre you like me and just can’t go past a roll of Washi Tape? The pretty patterns, the simplicity of a roll, the ability to look great with just about everything?

I love the stuff! In fact, I’m sure it is secretly breeding in my craft room – it seems to be multiplying by the day.

Which brings me to a problem: how to store it? I have searched high and low for the perfect solution but have reverted back to a cheap storage box from K-Mart (which cost a whole $4).

Having a look around the net, there are some fabulous ideas out there – which I’m sure would look great if my craft room was neat and tidy. But let’s be honest, that’s not gonna happen! Continue reading