Introducing Nicky’s Craft Room!

Hi my name is Nicky and I’ve been a reader of Scrapbook Creations for around 3 years now, so first I’d love to say a big thank you to everyone who has contributed to the magazine and blog along the way as I have been given such great inspiration from you all and without you I wouldn’t be the scrapper that I am today. Which leads to the reason that I am here with you today…. Welcome to my Scraptopia!

1.1 Room View From the Hallway

My room is located in the middle of the house and is an open area that would normally be used as a second lounge room. It is around 4.1 x 4 metres and has a nice big window that lets in lots of natural light. The room isn’t enclosed as it only has the 3 walls and is part of the hallway as you walk through the house so I had a bit of a challenge when I set it up to start with. I must have moved all my furniture around at least 4 or 5 times before I settled on the current set up! I’m glad I did as I am quite happy with it and really enjoy the space that I have in here.

In my room you will find A LOT of product. Lately I have been experimenting with Mixed Media so my room contains a lot of different paints, mediums, sprays and stamps that work well with my art journal projects. The other features of my room that you’ll notice are items that belonged to my Mum. She lost her battle with ovarian cancer just over 2 years ago and I have some of her items in my room to add that extra little bit of pretty and also so that I have little pieces of her near me when I create.

I have read a lot of magazines and trawled many blogs over the past few years searching for storage and organisation tips and added a lot of these ideas to my room. I spent a lot of time thinking through different ideas for my scrap room storage and in some cases, tried a few different options before settling.

When I started my ‘Operation Scrap Room Utopia’ project around 18 months ago the first thing I did was work out the colour scheme that I wanted. I have always liked damask patterns so decided my theme would be black and white, damask and a touch of purple which is my favourite colour. After months of mini projects, making lots of labels and going to so many different places to purchase boxes, containers or re-covering items I had already made I have found my Scraptopia! Are you ready for a tour? Let’s go!  Continue reading


Nat’s Scrap Space ….

I get a lot of people ask where I create so I thought it was about time I took a few photos and shared my Scrap Space. This is Jessica’s old bedroom – hence the yellow paint and underwater frieze! This is where the magic happens! :p

NatMayI hope you enjoyed the tour!

— Natalie