My Inspiration: Tracy Kielty

I was introduced to the lovely Tracy by one of my scrap obsessed friends who recommended her fantastic store My2Angels (which I love!) and then in real life at the Brisbane Scrapbooking expo a few years ago.  I was then lucky enough to attend one of  Tracy’s classes where she taught me how to use a heat gun correctly (I had only blown up one at that stage though!!) and introduced me to the joy of the hot glue gun which I now consider an essential basic in my scrapbooking tools not to mention the stunning layout I came home with. Tracy is an amazing scrapper who has an unique style that encompasses classic style and modern techniques. Tracy’s work up close and in real life proves to be a real treat as the dimension and details are superb and intricate.

Enjoy getting to know a little bit more about the gorgeous lady behind My2Angels:

Hi, I’m Tracy – mum of two and an embellishment addict!  A day rarely goes by where I’m not creating – layouts, cards and beyond the page items – for myself and for the classes I teach.

I started scrapping in 2002, when my Mum took me to a class and I was immediately hooked!  My favourite colour is pink, so a lot of my work ends up with some shade of pink in it, but I also like to grunge it up for the boys.

I really enjoy fiddley projects (I’m a bit addicted to hot glue), so Beyond the Page is my passion, as it allows me to get 3-dimensional. I have previously been a member of several online Design Teams, but in the past few years I have focused my energies on being the Creative Director for my online store – (named for my two “sometimes” precious angels).

I love to create embellishments from a combination of metal charms and other pretty items (flowers, fabric, gems, beads – anything I can get my hands on and hot glue together really) and have lost count of how many I have created to sell at My2Angels.  My most popular would have to be our Charming Words Collection- the very first range of which is pictured below (left). Some of my more recent handmade embellishments are also pictured.

I don’t feel like my day is complete without some ink or medium over my hands (and usually my face and not to mention my kettle – that I have on constantly for endless cups of coffee!). I’m particularly fond of embossing mediums as well.

My signature touch though is to always have charms on my layouts. I think they just add that final, special touch – as well as adding dimension. You can use them to tell a story, be part of the title or just add to the theme of the layout. 

Due to customer demand, I now run classes from my home several times a month. These classes generally feature different media techniques, as well as specialised, make-your-own-embellishment sessions. The most popular of the classes would have to be the Christmas OTP class and the all-day embellishment specials.

Santa Lane, my first OTP – over 5 years ago (and still my favourite)

2013 Christmas OTP Class

My passion for personalised embellishments is clearly seen in the 2013 Christmas OTP – the stockings on the mantlepiece and the present tags were all hand-made by me for each of the customers attending the class. The photos on the wall are also individual to each customer. It is my hope that this OTP is a cherished family piece for many years to come.

Many of my classes come about when customers request to be able to recreate pieces I have made. The lovely pink wall hanging below was a present for my daughter. After I posted it to the my2angels facebook page, so many people asked if I would do a class – what else could I do but share how I made it? Often these classes are full day classes just so we can cover all the techniques – all the flowers on the wreath are hand made and as you can see from the close-ups – scattered in amongst them are beads, gemstones and other small flowers.

Flights of Fancy Wreath

My photo tells me what style to create with for each layout. I don’t add flowers to my son’s layouts, but I am able to let loose on my daughters (within reason), as I still want to see my photo/s and not just an overload of flowers and embellishments.

Over the years, scrapping has changed. Once upon a time we went to classes at stores or bought kits and took them home. What you did in class was set by the store and you didn’t get much input into it. In some ways, it was also a bit lonely.

Now I find that I share my work online much more than I ever did when it was just now and then at the store class. My scrapping is much more social and what I teach and sell is much more interactive. My classes are generally full of ladies that chat regularly on the my2angels Facebook together – they tell me what they want the class to be about or what they want me to stock for them.

It’s almost like running a store for my many friends. It’s nice to get together for a class to share some scrappy fun and laughter and a few wines at the end of the class. I think this is why our first ever Retreat (planned for later this year) sold out in 72 hours. We are all just one big happy bunch of scrappy friends and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So that’s a bit about little old me and why I love to scrap. I’d love for you to visit my store and for all those who make an order after coming from this Scrapbook Creations blog article – I will pop in a free handmade embellishment as an addition to your order.

To check out more of Tracys work or take advantage of her offer for Scrapbook Creations blog reads click the links below:


2 thoughts on “My Inspiration: Tracy Kielty

  1. Tracy Kielty is fantastic in all the work she does, I just wish I could attend all the classes, but do go out for scrap and chat and I get great suggestions for my pages and work,

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