Colour Me Happy – Part 2: Analogous Harmonies

You may or may not have realised but different colour schemes can manipulate moods and feelings. Artists, marketing and advertising experts, even animators of children’s films have been using analogous colours to help convey their messages, sell products or evoke certain feeling or emotions.

Here is a quick refresher on analogous colour basics that you can apply to your scrapbooking when choosing colour schemes.

Analogous colour palettes

analogous-xmpl_02  Analogous Colors4584917600


Analogous colour hues sit very close together on the colour wheel and as mentioned above are a great way to convey intense moods, emotions and feelings.

analogous_1 analogous_2 analogous_4 analogous_5

Harmonious analogous colours are quite often used for advertising, children’s film and makeup. They can been seen everywhere in nature in some of the most beautiful displays of colour, such as sunsets and sunrises, storms and even sunflowers. They can also inspire terror – think about volcanic eruptions. Analogous colour schemes are perfect for layouts and projects featuring any just about any topics simply altering the pallet to suit the subject.

funnySmileCheerful2 kindboy MMM Analgous Romantic-Scrapbooking-Course-39-620x247

Why not try using an analogous colour scheme for you next layout or scrappy project?

Luv Renee



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