Heading Back to Basics

I love scrapbooking. I love everything about scrapbooking: the creativity, the photos, the storytelling, the art, the paper, the products, the pretty…

But I’m loving the current trend I’m seeing coming out of the States where people are going back to basics. They’re stepping away from mixed media and using paper on their layouts!

Don’t get me wrong. I love adding misting, masking, stencils, texture paste and gesso to my layouts as much as the next person but to be honest… I’m kinda over it and I love seeing stickers, frames and paper again!

This is what I mean:


I love everything about these – simple and effective. It’s all about the photos. I think this is something we often forget. So many pages of late are more about the technique and not as much about the photo and the story. 

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I love that each of these layouts is about the photo. Good composition and use of products will automatically take our eye straight to the photo. In my opinion, this is what it’s all about! Bonus: they fit in albums better! lol!

I love to scrap like this. I’ve created three pages using simple elements (no mist, no gesso, no stencils).

What do you think? Can you scrap like this or are you still loving the addition of mixed media elements to your pages?



6 thoughts on “Heading Back to Basics

  1. I love this, I always have issues with waiting for things to dry. I’ve not patience and when the baby is napping I don’t have much time so I will always be a basic girl

  2. Aah, Natalie ….. Me, I’m the sort that swings from extreme to extreme, often in the same day…. I love the versatility of scrapping….& often find once I’ve done a MM page, the next is CAS….. Both styles have their own beauty, & I love both:):)))

  3. I class myself as a simple paper scrapper, I don’t use much product nor over load a page with embellishments. I think the world needs all styles of scrapping 🙂 all the examples you have shown are beautiful xx

  4. I see that you’re Australian, aren’t you ? I live in France, and the reason why I blog in english is because I am more inspired by american scrapbooking. Don’t get me wrong, I also love french scrapbooking which is very artistic, with lots of mediums like australian one, but I realized that it’s not what I want to do myself all the time. And that I LOVE patterend paper ! 😉
    I was very interested that you thought that this back to basic is trendy in USA, because in France, it looks like that some trendy people in this industry actually think that american scrapbooking only “stayed the same”, and I was a little puzzled because I think it’s more what you said, a back to basics, and also more about the story (even if the journaling is often hidden), while in France, it’s more about beautiful photos, and the layout is more an artistic picture than a layout with a photo and a story in an artistic way.
    Well, it’s very interesting to see different views about that !

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