Guest Post: Making Old New Again (by Ebony van der Starre)

I remember going to retreats and hearing people yelling “hammer warning!”

live loudHi everyone! I am guessing like everybody with a scrapbooking stash, you often try and declutter your stash to make way for the new products that hit our stores regularly?

Well, I do this too and often I find things I forgot I had or I look at things and think to myself what a waste! I spend so much money on things that are trends at the time to find them only half used or not used at all in the back of the cupboard.

Years and years ago, when I began scrapbooking a company called “Making Memories” was huge and they bought out many and varied types of foam stamps. These stamps were awesome at the time but not cheap to buy when you wanted every design and font. Every time I clean out my supplies I pull them out of the cupboard (they take up lot’s of space!) and think about throwing them out or donating them to a charity shop. But something stopped me. I couldn’t throw them away. And considering I always use stamps on my layouts it was a good thing I didn’t. 

I decided one day to re-invent them on my layouts and projects I create today. After all, I love creating my own backgrounds with stamps and various mediums so why not! This is an example of a layout where I used these stamps on a background.

After creating the orange and yellow background with mists and watercolour paints I used a StazOn Ink Pad (in pumpkin) to stamp the words LIVE and LOUD in my background.

I now love these stamps again and am trying to use them more and more!

It just goes to show: if you wait long enough things can come back in trend if you start to think outside the box with how you used to use them and how you can use them today. So off you go. Find all those stamps in your stash that you thought were daggy and get creating!

But wait there’s more!

Back in the days when these stamps were popular, eyelets and brads too were also popular. There were many eyelet setters on the market and I remember going to crop days or retreats and hearing people yelling “hammer warning!” as they were about to bang down their eyelets. (Come on, I know you all remember doing this! LOL!)

I have millions of these little beauties in my stash and I discovered my old eyelet setter amongst my old tools. So, yep, you guessed it, I re-invented them too!


I love these on my layouts now! Once again, what was old is new again and I am so glad I didn’t throw them all away!

— Ebony


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