How Many Copic Markers Do You Own?

Good morning friends.

Welcome to this month’s instalment of ‘How Many Do You Own?’  March is the month where we divulge how many Copic Markers we own…or very similar products such as Spectrum Noir.

Each month I type with guilty fingers admitting to you just how many (and I mean MANY) I own of the various crafting items. But wait for it… I own no copic markers… a big fat zero! Don’t get me wrong – I think Copics are amazing.  I love what people do with them but I made a decision not to enter into the world of Copics as I knew if I bought one, I would then just have to have them all (and there sure are lots and lots of Copics).  I also have very comprehensive sets of Tombow Markers, water colour pencils, Prisma pencils, Gelatos, Twinklings H2Os, water colour crayons (Neo Colour 2), Faber Castel markers and a splendid variety of paints.  I can, however, feel my resolve crumbling and I know that I will be filled with envy when I read of your collections.

Here are two cards created by the talented Cookie Aguilar using her Copic Markers.

In the comment section below let me know how many Copic Markers you own and what your favourite colours are.

Three random winners will be announced this time next month…so you have to be in it to win one of the wonderful packs shown below.


Kind regards, always,


8 thoughts on “How Many Copic Markers Do You Own?

  1. Oh my I thought I was the only one who did not join team Copics! My reasons were much like yours that I have loads of other colouring methods but also I do very little in colouring in. It is not my usual style – I love it & I have seen some amazing work & I have tried them out & even had a lesson in using them & I have still resisted but the force is strong & I often find myself drawing closer & know one day pow I will have too many to count.

  2. I don’t own any Copic markers, I too made the choice not to purchase these markers. I love the effects you can create with them, and I know if I started purchasing them….I wouldn’t be able to stop with just a couple.

  3. Wow, for once I can honestly say that I don’t even own a single Copic marker – saying that I would have to lie if I said that they have not been on my ever increasing wishlist lol 🙂 I have however just joined the Kaszazz team and got 10 of their markers with my demo kit.

  4. I have ONE yes one, they are awesome I know but I haven’t gotten around to buy more and this one I was given in a online purchase. Funny huh?

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