Colour Me Happy – Part 1: Primary Colours

During our school years we probably all studied colour theory in art class at some stage, but along with the millions of other things I learnt at school it seems to have gotten lost  and seemed not too important.

Here is a quick refresher on colour basics that you can apply to your scrapbooking when choosing colour schemes.



Primary colours: RED, YELLOW and BLUE

There are three primary colours: Red, Yellow and Blue. These three are the primary colours because no other colours can be mixed to create them, and all other colours can be created by mixing different combinations of the three just adding white or black to lighten or darken.

933e9399efc1ba2a837dfb57c97d586f images primary_colours_bright_and_colourful_spiral_plate-r5c1603eef15c41d692ce39450a0c8564_ambb0_8byvr_512

The primary colours are quite often used for advertising, childrens toys and logos as they are bright,  eye catching, uncomplicated and fun. This makes them perfect for layouts and projects featuring school pictures, sport or actions shots, playground pics, boys or birthday parties.

5897603d60fa6d0fab72e4941ad8963f b6421064fdd7880fc166bc1ab85c37a0 fe863627560ab4e9f4993bc36aff4711 IMG_1781

Why not try using a primary colours scheme for you next layout or scrappy project?

Luv Renee



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