Pin down some titles!

If you are like me then the title or header of your layouts are the very last (and often most painful part!) of finishing off your work. I admit I seriously struggle to find the perfect words to capture the feel or the mood of the layout or photo to describe how I felt at the time of the photo or how I feel about the layout subject.  So!, when in doubt turn to Pinterest! Even if I don’t scroll across the exact title I am looking for I am usually inspired and can come up with my own after a good Pinterest session 🙂

Here is a few I thought were cool:


How do you select titles for you work?

Luv Renee xoxox


One thought on “Pin down some titles!

  1. I usually figure them out before I make my layout. Although my expectations for titles are so high, I’m tryint o be so creative that I get lost. I’m getting better though. I do like typography, and incorporating interesting title designs.

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