Stencils vs Masks

With the ever increasing trend of mixed media infiltrating scrapbooking today stencils and masks are hot products! (As Jenny proved with her blog post: Just how many stencils do you own?) Stencils and masks are versatile tools to invest in and can be used with a wide range of mediums and on just about any scrapbooking projects you create!

So here is the low down on stencils:

Stencils are a thin piece of material usually made from plastics, metals or cardboard with cut out patterns, shapes, lettering, numbers, pictures in them in which mediums such as paints, inks, mists, sprays, gloss, pens, pencils can be applied though to leave the patterns etc on the underlying surface leaving a positive of the image.

The Crafters Workshop template (Triangle Plaid TCW221) on the left, it used in a layout on the right)

Now low down on masks:

While stencils leave a positive of the image used masks leave the negative. Masks act as a protective covering and leave the surface underneath clean in the shape of the mask outline.

Please note: All images were found on Pinterest!

No patterned paper, mist, mask, #scrapbooking

Whether you use stencils or masks or both they are a fantastic way to embellish your creations, add texture, colour and uniqueness.

Would love to see how you use your stencils and masks! Link us to one of your blog posts that use stencils! — luv Renee xoxo

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