How Many Rolls of Washi Tape Do You Own?

Good morning friends.

Welcome to this month’s instalment of ‘How Many Do You Own?’  February is the month where we divulge how many rolls of washi tape we own.  Oh, we love our washi tapes as they come in a plethora of colours and patterns.  They are very reasonably priced, easy to use and absolutely ‘in’ at the moment.

My entire stash of 96 rolls  is photographed below – I did not realise until I organised my washi tapes for the photo just how many black and white ones I owned LOL.   The ‘birds on a wire’ is my all time favourite.

How many do you own? What is your favourite washi tape?  I would love to see a photo of your collection.

Please write in the comment section below and you could be one of the lucky 3 random winners of this wonderful Prima pack.  Winners will be announced same time, same place next month.

prima prize

Thanks for playing along. — Jenny xx

26 thoughts on “How Many Rolls of Washi Tape Do You Own?

  1. I stopped counting at 400 … it just got a wee too embarrassing to admit the size of my ever growing stash any more. Is that bad?! 😉

    • Oh Amanda….I am impressed…..400 shows that you are a discerning crafter who knows a good thing. It is also up to people like you and me to make sure the crafting economy stays buoyant. We are just doing our economic duty and loving it.

  2. I only have 24- I am new to Washi but getting the hang of it quickly. My fav so far is a butterfly one which I used a lot on Christmas presents- yes I know it doesn’t sound Christmassy, but it looked great.

  3. I have 20 I know a very measly collection but I don’t use them very well. I keep the coffee jars and use them to hold them all, plus the embossing powders, buttons, cotton, etc etc…. look I like jars ok?! And I have too many black ones as well 😉

  4. 152 tonight! Have a couple of orders to come so this number is ever growing! I store some on a rod on my desk and the others on very large clear jars! One just is for just black and white designs. Will post a photo on Instagram too.

  5. Only 62 minus the doubles… (I’ve been lucky enough one weekend to walk into Spotlight when they had a huge sale and bought 2 or 3 copies of 4 different packs for the awesome price of $0.30 for 2 rolls 🙂 I had no intention to buy anything, promise, just went there with the other half who was looking for stuff for his leather work and yes it was way to good to let go. )

  6. I have 36 washi tapes and my absolute favourite is my sunshine yellow with white polka dots… It just makes me smile and I can use it anywhere!!

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