What are your favourite CHA releases?


There are so many new releases that I loved at this year’s CHA. I am ridiculously jealous of everyone who was there this year — can you imagine walking around that venue: the people, the prettiness, the scrappy idols?

Anyway, here are a few more things I’m looking forward to getting my hands on!

Tim Holtz – I LOVE these scissors, looking forward to adding these to my collection of tools. I love my Tonic scissor and love the idea of longer blades.


These are also rather nice, I’m pretty sure I need them too.

stencil-1 stencil-2 stencil-3 stencil-4

I’m pretty certain this will be a number one hit with all lovers of mixed media.


Stampin’ Up!: These are the BEST punches – I’ve managed to get my hands on them and I love them.


So, that’s the last of my faves from CHA. I’m sure there are so many more products out there that I need but will have to just hang out until they hit our shores. — Natalie

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