Using the Brother ScanNCut to Cut Out Stamped Images

Good afternoon! I am so excited as I have been trialling the new Brother ScanNCut Electronic Cutter.  This is different to other cutters on the market as it has its own built in scanner which can be used to scan images to cut out or draw.

Today I am going to show what a great job it does cutting out stamped images. I started with a large sheet of scrap paper and stamped many leaves.  It is fine to use paper with cut outs.  The stamps are by Heartfelt Creations.

I used the ‘Direct Cut’ option on the built in operation panel.  In less than a minute, the Brother ScanNCut had scanned these images and created cutting files. So I pressed ‘Cut’.

The leaves cut out beautifully–just see for yourself. 

The background from the leaves pulled off easily and I was able to use it as a mask.

Here are some of the cut out leaves in a layout.  (Please note, I did not use the ScanNCut to cut out the flowers).  The title ‘US’ is a wooden veneer word covered perfectly in black card stock.  I also scanned the word into the Brother ScanNCut and cut out the black card to cover the text.  The card stock fitted like a glove.

Watch the video to see how easy it is to use the ScanNCut to cut out your stamped images.

(Please note some stamped images will not cut out with the Brother ScanNCut.  For best results use a stamp with a solid outline, not too busy background and good contrast between the stamp and the BG).

Thanks so much for calling by. — Jenny

P.S. Brother have their own facebook page, if you want to contact them about the ScanNCut machine!


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