Making the Cut

One of the most important scrapbooking purchases any scrapper can make is their tools.  Purchasing tools for your craft is an investment. There is always new techniques emerging or being recycled that utilises tools and with sites such as Pinterest, online forums, blogs and even Facebook, trends, techniques and tutorials are only a click of your keyboard away. One of the very first tools and one that I find either makes my scrapping life bliss or a pain is my paper trimmer.

The evolution of my paper trimmers goes something like this… 


I purchased my very first paper trimmer mid 2003 from my local bricks and mortar store and this was my pride and joy.


A Carl RT-200 affectionally nicknamed “Carl”. Here is a bit of info on my first trimmer:

Count on precise cuts with the RT-200 12″ Professional Rotary Trimmer. The premium carbide blade cuts up to 10 sheets of 20lb paper. Patented rail system holds paper firmly. Sturdy metal base is calibrated and features pre-set measurements for common-sized items. Updated graphics, rulers and grid. Cuts mat board, card stock, plastic sheets, etc. Limited Lifetime Warranty


While I did love my Carl I found that he was a bit heavy and bulky to take along to crops and scrappy dates so I updated to a more compact and lightweight model the Cricut.


CRICUT-Trimmer by Provo Craft allows you to easily cut through paper and cardstock. Cutting arm lifts for easy insertion and removal of paper, and then locks down for stability and safety while cutting. Convenient 1/4 and 1/2 inch marks on right side of blade allows you to cut thin strips easily and accurately (English and Metric measurements on top, middle, and bottom of trimmer). Hidden ruler swings out to provide 15 inches of measuring width; cut length is 12 inches. Free Scoring Blade Included.


While at the June long weekend Scrapbooking expo last year I made my current investment and purchased the Fiskars 01-005454 Portable Paper Trimmer. I have to say that this trimmer has been my favourite of the three that I have owned throughout my scrapping days. I have yet to replace the cutting blade and it is only just now starting to cut and distress my patterned paper and cardstock. (Just the way I like it!)


Compact, lightweight trimmer is ideal for trimming photos, coupons and office paper. Surecut wire cut-line allows you to quickly and easily align paper for clean, accurate cuts. Titanium blade coating is three times harder than steel and cuts up to seven sheets at a time. Triple Track system holds blade securely for straighter cuts. Swingout arm extends measuring length to 14-1/4″. Portable paper trimmer also features a precision-printed grid and scale.

Just to show you how different each person’s choice of trimmer is, some of my scrappy friends have shared which trimmers they use.


5401 Paper Trimmer – Fixed Blade 12” Kaszazz branded, pink,fixed blade paper trimmer! Some people may remember that Kaszazz sold a trimmer like this many years ago. In fact, it  was one of Kaszazz’s most successful products before supplier issues from the US forced it off of the Kaszazz range. But, because this time, Kaszazz have manufactured it directly as a Kaszazz product, you can be sure it will be on range for a long time to come!

Another swears by this one this model:


Rotary Blade Craft Paper Trimmers offer crisp, clean cuts through multiple sheets of paper without tearing or fanning — a level of precision and performance that only premium rotary blades can provide. All include a permanent scale and grid cutting mat helps ensure cutting accuracy and 1/16″ gridlines to provide an additional guide for precise measuring. Choose from several styles to find the Rotary Blade Craft Paper Trimmers perfect for your favourite activity.

No matter what your person choice is it obvious to see that there is the perfect trimmer out there for everyone! I would love to know what trimmer you like and why? — Renee xoxox


3 thoughts on “Making the Cut

  1. I love my very basic Fiskars trimmer. I had one for 10 years before buying a second one at Aldi (bargain!) because the measurements had rubbed off the first one from being used so much. Rotary blades are the way to go, they last a long, long, long time.

  2. I am a rotary blade girl. I have a big and bulky metal cutter and it has cut perfectly for me for over a decade. It is not very portable so I have a lighter one for when I am scrapping away from home…..but I always prefer my heavy duty number.

  3. I have one paper trimmer, that I finally got a couple years ago (after scrapping for about 5 with only scissors…yeah). It’s a Fiskars (when it comes to blades, I trust Fiskars), simple, and I love it! I would (eventually) possibly want to get the Fuse systen, but for paper trimmers, mine’s functional, portable and works great.

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