Guest Post: Mixed Media Tag Mini Album by Scarlett Salamone (part 2)

Ed’s note: Today, Scarlett Salamone is our guest blogger (her blog is here, her Instagram is here). Hopefully you’ve seen part one of Scarlett’s 2013-in-Review tags. Now it’s time for part two! P.S. Click the tags for full-size images!

tagalbum9SSHere I decided I wanted to color so I grabbed my NeoColors II and scribbled away on my base around the clouds I already on there. Once I had my color applied I used a water brush to blend the colors and called it done.

tagalbum10SSFor this base I decided I wanted to add numbers since it was a photo featuring a birthday after all. I went ahead and put a bunch of bold, black numbers all over the base using a stencil and archival ink. This proved to be tricky to work with let me tell you. Not one to be defeated – not to mention the other side of the tag was already completed, ha! – I went ahead and tried to save it. I stenciled over all the numbers with modeling paste and let that dry. I then applied an acrylic glaze in shimmery turquoise over the entire base. At this point it was still a hot mess. I then added some gesso with my fingers to get rid of the abundance of numbers. Where you see orange is where I applied gesso. Gotta love gesso for covering mistakes, right? To blend the orange in I used some of the glaze I had leftover and all was well from there. I outlined the stenciling I’d done to make it pop and look more festive. 

tagalbum11SSThis is another coloring tag using NeoColors II. There is also stamping with a leaves inchie stamp and some gold mica flakes on it as well. I hadn’t intended on using the gold mica flakes initially so the ink I used to stamp with wasn’t permanent. My images smudged in certain areas due to this. My tip here: always use permanent ink on these types of projects because you never know when you’ll want to add something that will cause this.

tagalbum12SSOn this base I pounced a variety of paints in shades of greens. Once the paint was dry I heat embossed the heart background onto the base and then splattered some watered down paint across the tag. To give it a more finished look I added the doodles and some details about the image around the edges with black paint.

tagalbum13SSOn this last tag I used the same technique as I did on tag three. I stamped my base with my background stamp using Versamark and sprinkled with white glittery embossing powder. I heat embossed the image, sprayed it generously with mist, and allowed it to sit for a couple seconds before wiping away the excess to reveal the pattern. Once the mist was dry I added the circles onto the tag by using my ScrapfX Random Dots stencil and modeling paste. After that was dry I highlighted certain circles with a few colors of NeoColors II.

There you have it, 13 tags representing 2013 at a glance for me and my family. I love that I’ve used photos I’ve yet to scrap on full pages and that this album can stand up on its own so it won’t get tossed out of sight.

Thank you so much for joining me here. I do hope you’ve been able to take away something new for your mixed media pleasure. If you try something out or make a 2013 tag album of your own, let me know here I’d love to come check out your work!


If you’re interested in publishing a guest post with us, please email Ellen at scrap.editor [at] with the subject SC Blog GUEST POST. (This will make sure it doesn’t get filtered as spam.)


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