Interview with Trisha Ladouceur: the Queen of Glimmer Mist!

I remember when I first heard about “Glimmer Mist” and saw some scrappy friends use it on their work. I was amazed and I had to have it! Years later and I still love my mists and find that I am constantly learning new tips and techniques on how to use this versatile product.

I have been lucky enough to interview  the absolute Queen of the Mist: Trisha Ladouceur, she is creatively talented and works as a Golden Ambassador for Tattered Angels (since the beginning of mist!). Sit back and enjoy getting to know a little bit about this amazingly inspirational scrapper and a few of her tips and tricks to make your Glimmer Mist work harder for you.

Tell us a little about yourself, your scrappy style, your scrappy achievements and where you are planning to go with your scrapping:

I have been a designer and international educator in the scrapbooking industry for more than 15 years! I love sharing my passion for papercrafting with ladies around the world. I live in Canada where the current cold weather allows for plenty of play time in my studio when I am not busy with my husband or two teenage boys. I am looking forward to returning to Australia in May 2014 for my fifth tour where I will visit retail stores across the country sharing some fun-filled projects.

What’s the best application procedure for Glimmer Mist? (The do’s and don’ts.)

I had the privilege of being with Tattered Angels from the very beginning as a Golden Ambassador for about 5 years. In that time I taught literally thousands of people how to use this product and these are some of the most important tips I was able to share to ensure success.

1. Mix thoroughly by swirling the bottle rather than shaking. You want to ensure all “glimmer” is mixed completely prior to spraying.

2. When spraying, be sure your finger depresses the “pump” completely and without hesitation. You want to ensure you expel all spray entirely from the pump so it doesn’t clog. A quick depression is the best way to achieve this.

3. For an even coverage, you should keep your arm in motion while spraying. I have always told students to imagine when people are painting a car… their arm is moving steadily at all times. This will help to disperse the Glimmer Mist across the project allowing you t gradually build up the intensity of the spray as opposed to a direct spray without any movement which will give yo a central “blob” of colour that is a lighter shade around the outer edges. It’s called Glimmer MIST as opposed to Glimmer SPLAT for a reason. 😉

Which techniques and/or ideas does Glimmer Mist work best for?

There are a thousand and one uses and then some for Glimmer Mist. You can cover virtually any porous surface with ease and when using a primer you can even work with non porous surfaces. I have always loved to use it in conjunction with Glossy and Crackle Accents which tends to intensify the glimmer within the product.

Any special properties that makes Glimmer Mist stand out from the crowd?

I think having literally HUNDREDS of colour choices over the years puts it above any other product currently available on the market… I could always find the perfect shade for ANY project. What I do think was fabulous was having the ability to intensify the glimmer component in any colour with what we referred to as Top Coats. Essentially, they were a clear or virtually clear base spray with various glimmer shades. You could add as much sparkle as you liked without altering the base colour.

What are your favourite colours and why?

As mentioned, I had been with Tattered Angels for many years and had hundreds of colours but to this day I still tend to reach for a few of the classic colours that may not even be available today. Hands down favourite colour though… I would have to say it was Cinder — a PERFECT shade of black (yes, there really can be numerous shades of black) and because of this it could be used everywhere! It was out of this world when you added Glossy Accents to it.

What colours/series do you recommend for someone just starting out with Glimmer Mist?

I always recommended to start with a few neutral colours as you can always use those in numerous ways. A good black and a light and dark shade of brown along with one of your favourite top coats (Iridescent Gold was my suggestion more often than not). From there, pick a few colours that you are drawn to. Think about how they will work together if you plan on mixing them and beware as they can be very addictive and you will find that your collection seems to take on a life of it’s own as you will want to continually add numerous colours!

A massive thank you to Trisha for sharing a little bit about herself and some fantastic insights to the world of Glimmer Mist! See more of Trisha’s work on her blogs: Artsy Adventure and Trisha Ladouceur

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