Guest Post: Mixed Media Tag Mini Album by Scarlett Salamone (part 1)

Ed’s note: Today, Scarlett Salamone is our guest blogger (her blog is here, her Instagram is here). And, Scarlett doesn’t know this yet, but she gave us SO MUCH good stuff, we’re splitting her post into three! This is part one of her mixed media tag mini album. The next two parts will be published over the next two Wednesdays. We hope you join us again then! P.S. Click the tags for full-size images!


I’m the creative type who doesn’t scrap chronologically, has a ton of favorite photos I’ll use time and again on projects, and in general have a tough time when the New Year rolls around because I know some photos of the past year may get tucked away and lost in the abyss of those yet to be documented. This year I thought I’d be a proactive and capture some favorite moments of 2013 by creating a year in review tag mixed media album. By using tags I made it easy on myself and was still able to play able to play with all my favorite mediums too – total bonus!

I started off by creating my own 3×5 tag bases using some ScrapFX pain chipboard pieces. These provided a nice sturdy base for me to work on and also allowed my final book to stand up on its own. If you don’t have any raw chipboard pieces to cut down available to you packaging from embellishments, cardboard, or even cereal boxes would be great alternatives.

For each tag I share I’ll give you a brief run down of the techniques I applied to the bases. At the end (ed’s note: in two posts time) I do have a full step by step for you of a go-to technique I use readily to get quick texture that is easy peasy. So grab your favorite beverage and I do hope you enjoy what I’ve prepared.

tagalbum2SSFor the cover of the album I wanted something bold and fun. I used an embossing resist technique to achieve the background look. I painted the base first in turquoise paint. Then I embossed the heart background stamp on it with clear powder and covered it with red paint. Once the paint was dry I placed a piece of printer paper over it and ran my craft iron over it to lift some of the red paint back off. It leaves this really cool grungy look with the under paint showing through in areas.

tagalbum3SSThis is the tag base I’ll be showing a step by step on at the end so stay tuned and see how easily this look can achieved.

tagalbum4SSFor this background I took a variety of paints in shades of blue and dry brushed them on. When looking to create quick backgrounds this is another easy go to method. By varying the direction of your brushstrokes and using varying shades of the same color you can create interest and depth quickly. Once the paint was dry I applied some colored modeling paste through the ScrapFX Star Confetti Stencil to the background to add additional texture.

tagalbum5SSHere I used another embossing technique. This time I embossed the tag first my stamp and some white glittery embossing powder. Once it was heat set I sprayed my tag generously with mist, let it sit for a couple seconds and then wiped away the excess mist with a paper towel. Note: be sure to save those misted paper towels for later projects. They make great elements for collage.

Once my mist was dry on the tag I then added some hearts using the ScrapFX heart confetti stencil and modling paste. I didn’t have to color the paste this time because it naturally picked up a bit of the mist color turning it a slight shade of pink. Once the paste was dry I used my NeoColors II and outlined the hearts to make them pop just a little.

tagalbum6SSThis time I started with some colored paste for my background. I had already mixed paste for a different portion of a background and had some leftover so instead of letting it go to waste I used it here through my ScrapFX Woodgrain stencil. Once my paste was dry I went over it with a couple different shades of mist to get a natural woodgarin look going on. I used daubers instead of actually spraying the mist on. If you don’t have daubers I would suggest perhaps spraying some mist on a paper towel or sponge and try dabbing it on that way for a different look. After the mist was dry I went over the top with some colored heavy gesso to create the clouds and then outlined them with black paint.

tagalbum7SSOn this background I used the same dry brush technique as I did on tag three. After the paint was dry I was some Liquitex fluid acrylic ink to create the inky drips along the top edge. You can easily do this with any type of liquid ink you have. After my drips dried I used colored heavy gesso to create the clouds and the pounced some of the same color from the clouds randomly across the tag using a sponge brush to emphasize the dreariness of the day.

tagalbum8SSThis was a fun and easy background to create. I started by covering almost the entire base with modeling paste I stenciled on. Once that was dry I used a variety of paint colors that complimented each other and pounced them on using sponge brushes. To do this yourself start off by using the lightest color first and work your way to the darkest color you want to add. Once you have all the colors on you can go back in and add lighter colors back in to the mix and they will blend beautifully! If you find your colors not blending just add a dab of water to your brush.

Thank you so much for joining me here. I do hope you’ve been able to take away something new for your mixed media pleasure. If you try something out or make a 2013 tag album of your own, let me know here I’d love to come check out your work!


If you’re interested in publishing a guest post with us, please email Ellen at scrap.editor [at] with the subject SC Blog GUEST POST. (This will make sure it doesn’t get filtered as spam.)

One thought on “Guest Post: Mixed Media Tag Mini Album by Scarlett Salamone (part 1)

  1. You know I love you and your work, Scarlett! How exciting to see you sharing it here! Congrats! I love all the texture you’re creating with the stencils. You are amazing and so is your art!

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