Introducing the Sketch & Colour teams!

It’s been a long time coming, but now that we’re a week out from our first issue of 2014, let’s talk about our DESIGN TEAMS. (Maybe you’ve guessed a couple too, depending on how closely you looked at the mag sample…)

These ladies are just standouts. Amazingly creative people with no idea how good they are. They are always creating and even though you’ll see them in the mag, and occassionally on the blog, I can not recommend it enough: check out their blogs and add the links to your favourites! You’ll always find inspiration from these women–I know I do! (The rest of our design teams can be found on the linked page.)

designdiva13Karen Shady
Emma Stafrace
Trudi Harrison
Lydell Quin
Anne Patterson
Rachael Funnell
Natalie May
Leonie Neal-Dawson

P.S. I apologise to the girls that this announcement post is so late! They’ve all announced it on their blogs. Sadly, internet in Sweden over the New Year break was not as accessible as expected. (Not that I’d complain about being in Sweden, no, not at all.) =P


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