Anatomy of a Sketch (part 3)

Christmas Release PD 1Today is the last of a 3 part series walking you through how I put a page together from a Sketch. You can find part one here and part two here.

The lovely Emma from Page Drafts has created these sketches for her December challenge.

This one was a great sketch to work from. Break it down like we did before, mark out how many papers you need, find your photo and off we go. 


This last sketch can be a bit of a challenge for those of you who need to have a little “control” on your page and are not very good at freehand but if you cant bring yourself to cut a curved line with a knife like I did, then draw the shape first in pencil then use scissors.

I cut the first curve in the red paper then used it as a guide for the black and green papers. Adhere them to the top of your page.

Again, super easy design at the bottom, punched strip and two thin pieces adhered flush with the base of your page.

The banners and embellishments at the top was a little bit trickier!
I grabbed a few smaller papers and cut them down to banners and placed them on my page. I then used a random flourish,  inked and glittered and started layering until I was happy. A couple of Prima Piontsettias finished it off.

Same with the left hand side of the photo…. cut the papers to suit and then shuffle them around until you are happy with their position – TRUST YOUR EYE … you know what looks best. The title was again cut from my Cameo in coordinating paper.

Done! I hope that you can now see how easy it is to work from a sketch – it’s only as hard as you need it to be! Don’t overthink it and learn to make it your own! — Natalie

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