What happened to the January issue?

Good afternoon scrapbookers! So, I’m getting those emails. It’s not unusual that I get these emails, but this time, these emails need to be answered in a public fashion. What are these emails?

Dear Editor,

I was wondering when the latest issue of SC is coming out? I haven’t received my subscription yet. I haven’t seen it on iTunes either.

Kindest regards,
Your friendly, enthusiastic reader.

Dearest reader! The January issue of Scrapbook Creations is now being published in February.

WHAT, you say? Why!?

Well, let me tell you! I have been working very hard on redesigning our beloved magazine, and it wasn’t ready to go to print for January. The way magazine publishing works is that we need to send our magazine to the printers two months before publication–and at the end of November, the magazine just wasn’t ready.  It wasn’t quite perfect enough (a feeling many of you out there know well), so I didn’t let it go to print. We worked some more on it, sent it to the printers between Christmas and New Year, and now, we have a gorgeous mag that I am so very VERY proud to present to you.

But that still means YOU don’t have a mag right now. So, what we decided to do was give you a free sample:

Update! Are you having issues viewing the free sample on your tablet or phone? Click this link to take you directly to the Issuu page.

The entire mag will be published on 6th February. (All future SC issues are pushed back a month as well.)

Let us know your thoughts on the new redesign!

Editor love,


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