Who loves washi?

Washi tape storageAre you like me and just can’t go past a roll of Washi Tape? The pretty patterns, the simplicity of a roll, the ability to look great with just about everything?

I love the stuff! In fact, I’m sure it is secretly breeding in my craft room – it seems to be multiplying by the day.

Which brings me to a problem: how to store it? I have searched high and low for the perfect solution but have reverted back to a cheap storage box from K-Mart (which cost a whole $4).

Having a look around the net, there are some fabulous ideas out there – which I’m sure would look great if my craft room was neat and tidy. But let’s be honest, that’s not gonna happen!

There are 101 ways to sore those pretty little rolls … so tell me how do you store yours? (All these links are pinned on my pinterest, if you want more ideas!)


2 thoughts on “Who loves washi?

  1. Large Moccona Coffee jars for me. Once the coffee has gone those jars need to be used and I can see exactly what is in there. Right now I have one for black or grey washi tapes and one for colours but as they are both almost full I will need to expand further! I love the awesome ideas above especially the wooden one with all the spikes. 🙂

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