How Many Punches Do You Own?

This month, I am asking you to count your punches.


I counted my own stash and the ‘slightly alarming’ results are: Border punches 28, Corner punches 12, Punch anywhere punches 4, Butterflies 5, Leaves 5, Circles 8, Flowers 15, Stars 2, Hearts 3, Tags 2, Squares 4, plaques 4, Snowflakes 3, Squares 3 and Miscellaneous 31

A total of 121 punches.

One of my dear friends who owns LOTS of punches reported counting 273 – quite impressive. I challenge anyone out there to beat this.

How many punches do you own?  I’ve been honest with you, now it is time for you to come clean. In the comments section below please tell us your total and 3 random winners will be announced same time next month. Don’t forget to call by to check whether you have won. A picture of the prize pack to tempt you:untitled-2

8 thoughts on “How Many Punches Do You Own?

    • No reason to be shy Fiona, they can be quite expensive. I was lucky enough to get quite a few of mine on sale and one from a fried 🙂 Think about it this way – you can always add more as time goes one.

  1. I think I have over 150. and that’s after I sold about 100 on ebay lol!
    I can’t give an exact count as I have a box full still in storage (4 hours away, I moved last year but still haven’t got everything)
    I have 27 boarder punches with me- and most of my favs like, corners circles, flowers. My family used to give them to me as gifts, and I got a lot on sale. 🙂

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