Photographing Your Projects with a Light Tent Kit

After procrastinating for forever, I finally did it. Yes, I purchased a lighting tent with two lamps that produce daylight colour temperature to photograph my crafting projects. I am so thrilled with the results I have to tell you all about it.

So many of us photograph our work for galleries, blogs and personal use.  People frequently say to me, ‘sorry about the photo it was taken at night’.  I look constantly at blogs and see wonderful projects that are seriously let down by photographing in low light conditions under indoor lights.  The tungsten lights give an ugly yellow colour cast and fluorescents cast a sickly green.  To overcome this I vowed to only photograph my work during the day. Rush, rush, panic, panic. I would desperately try and finish my work before the sun went down so I could get ‘the shot’. On-camera flash is a poor option as it is very harsh–it produces hard shadows, flattens the image, blows out details while also causing ugly reflections (sometimes).

I have known of lighting tents for some time but thought they were unnecessary as I could make it myself.  The perfect sized box and lots of white tissue paper later I had an impossible to store contraption, ripped tissue paper (our cat loved to sit on it and sharpen his claws) and the problem of the light still persisted.

Finally I investigated a lighting tent with lights.  To my surprise they were not as expensive as I had dreaded and for $99 I became the proud owner of  Golden Eagle Desktop Lamp Tent Kit.

Look at the great results taken at night. Note the even lighting, absence of hard shadows and lovely white highlights.

The reason I love this so much:

  • perfect lighting results anytime of day or night.
  • the two lamps can be used to light your project however you wish.  Side lighting as shown in the photos is lovely as it shows up textures and details.  Front lighting can be used to flatten objects and back lighting can produce silhouettes and halos.
  • shining the lamps through the tent diffuses the light making it softer and reducing hard shadows.
  • it is possible to hang things from the tent and photograph suspended objects if desired.
  • the daylight lamps produce a lovely white light free of colour casts.
  • the backdrops produce a seamless background without the line where the floor meets the wall.  Mine has a choice of black, blue, red and
  • with a few flicks of the wrist the tent collapses down to fit into a small zip bag providing for very easy storage

It looks so professional and high tech but all you have to do is turn on the lights.


One thought on “Photographing Your Projects with a Light Tent Kit

  1. Thanks for sharing your insight on this Anita! I am getting closer to wanting to do this. Someone super sweet got me an Ottlight which I think will help me personally. Good to know about this information! 🙂
    Beautiful creation, and I love that you can see ALL of that gorgeous detail that DESERVES to be seen!

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