Sewing on Your Scrapbook Pages: An Interview with Anne Patterson

Anne_Patterson_smlAnne Patterson is one very talented lady.  Her work is a ‘stitch’ above the rest and the reason it ‘sew’ amazing is because she is very adept with her needle and thread.

Anne’s story as a published artist began in 2009 when ‘Lazy Bugs’ was published in Scrapbook Creations no.72.  And yes, you guessed it… the layout was in the ‘Stitched Gallery’.


Four years on Anne has created so many stitched masterpieces that we just had to interview her and showcase some of her work.

Why do you love to sew?

I love to sew on my pages as I feel it makes them personal to me.  I love the texture that hand stitching always adds to a page.

What are some of your sewing secrets?

To find images or words I like, I love to look around on Google and find ones that I think look fabulous and highlight the idea/s I have for my page.  Then I print them on regular paper and follow the process described in my stitching article: Anne’s Step By Step Guide to Sewing.

Do you have any tips for the intrepid sewer?


  • Stick the first piece of thread down at the back of your page.
  • ALWAYS pre-pierce the holes (otherwise it gets messy).
  • There are some fabulous stitching templates available to buy at your crafting store.
  • I always use 3 strands of DMC Thread, NOT 6 as it is too thick.
  • You can’t use an embroidery needle.  The hole is too big on it and it has a tendency to tear your paper.  Try to find a thinner needle that is big enough to thread but where the eye of the needle is thin enough that it does not make big holes in your paper.

Is there anything else that you would like to say about yourself and your sewing prowess?

If you are wondering, YES I am a slow scrapper.  I can take a couple of days to complete one layout if it has a very intricate stitching design on it.  So I would suggest you start with something simple and easy.  I have had many friends put off of sewing because it takes too long, but the satisfaction you get when it looks fabulous just keeps me coming back.

I’d always ask ‘newbie’ sewers: “Have you ever thought about using your Crafters Templates as stitching templates?” If you look closely,  you will see a couple in my layouts here.

Thanks Anne so much for sharing your time, knowledge and talent with us.

If you would like to see more of Anne’s work and what she is up to please visit her!
Blog | Instagram
DT at Scrapmatts | DT at Xpress IT | CT at Scrap the Boys | CT at D-Lish Scraps


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