Interview with a Scrapbooker: Amanda Hall


Hello hello! Today I’d like to introduce you to a very good friend of mine, Amanda Hall.

Amanda and I have known each other since our early teens having both grown up on the Eyre Peninsula. We have reconnected over the last ten years. Amanda is one of my closest friends and I truly admire her and her creativity.  Nothing makes me happier than sitting back with her, laughing over a glass of wine!

She is also one of the creative brains behind one of the most sought after Scrapbooking Retreats, Escape 2 Create.

This is what Amanda had to say about her Scrapbooking journey.

Where do you live?
On a farm with my husband and three daughters in a small town called Cummins, South Australia. I was born here and apart from a few years overseas and at university in Adelaide, have lived here most of my life. I work as a Registered Nurse in the community and also in our local hospital. My husband is a farmer, our daughters are Georgia and Kelsey (identical twins) and Piper (9 years old).

How long have you been scrapbooking and how did you start?
I started when Piper was born. While browsing in a newsagent I saw a scrap magazine (I can still remember the cover!) and thought ‘I could do that’. It seemed like a perfect way to document our family and keep memories. Looking back this seems totally weird and out of character as I was the most un-crafty, non-artistic person ever.

Five favourite things to use on a layout?
My go-to product is white cardstock. Other favourite things are: uncluttered white (negative) space, using a single photo, meaningful story/journaling and anything with polka dots.

Do you have a favourite technique?
Apart from being a lover of minimalistic scrapbooking, I would say that a technique I constantly use is a rule of three – I always cluster in threes or have three elements of the same colour. I find that the balance that this creates is the most pleasing to my eye.

Who are you inspired by?
My original inspiration was Erica Glover, whose layout caught my eye on that very first magazine. Later it was Leanne Ryan with her minimalist style that was revolutionary in a time when scrapbooking was very busy and cluttered. Then, the beautiful work of Leanne Stamatellos. Sadly these ladies don’t scrap anymore and I feel that the industry has lost some great minimal scrapbookers. The scrap philosophy of Cathy Zielske is brilliant… she takes a no-crap approach and I love that. She also has a way of making ‘less look more’ and brings the focus back to the photo and story, not the products. For some time, my scrap idols have been Mardi Winen and Fran Tynan and I was so thrilled and honoured to have met them in real life and scrapped next to them at our escape2create retreat. Lou Nelson is another I admire for her ability to combine minimal style with awesome mixed media. Mardi, Lou and Fran are idols to me as they are so down to earth, humble and lovely, and I feel very grateful to know these very clever ladies.

What is your scrapbooking kryptonite (your biggest challenge)?
Mixed media and all things messy and unpredictable. I’m a control freak!

What makes you happy?
Sleep-ins, walks with my dogs, laughing with my kids, wine with friends, the beach, making my husband laugh and having time to myself.

Where and when do you scrap?
I am a painfully slow scrapper and I need big chunks of time to create. There is no such thing as a quick layout from me. I have a scrap room which is always in some state of mess, and if it’s tidy it feels ‘wrong’. Looks great but feels wrong! If I have deadlines I try to use the time when the kids are at school so I can spend a lot of hours working on my projects. Sometimes I scrapbook in the evening and as I’m a night owl, work well into the wee hours.

Thanks for sharing the love Amanda! Head over and check out her blog here.

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2 thoughts on “Interview with a Scrapbooker: Amanda Hall

  1. Great to get to know some more details about you Amanda. I loved reading the interview and finding out what motivates you. As always I am in awe of your ability to do these clean and beautiful layouts and the way you combine colours and embellishments constantly amazes me.

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