How Many Spray Inks Do You Own?

December’s ‘How Many Do You Own?’ competition invites you to count your spray inks.

Bon bon hat and inks-3

Why do we like our spray inks so much?

They look brilliant sprayed through stencils and onto stamps. They can cover chipboard with a simple press of the trigger and create great backgrounds. The inks can be bold splatters and torrential drips or a gentle mist. Haphazard dots regularly frequent our scrapbooking pages and ribbons and flowers can be coloured to match. The colours can be mixed or layered depending on the whether we dry the inks between applications. Some of the artier amongst us like to write and draw with the tube or dip in our paint brush. Resist patterns come up a treat when the ink is sprayed as the ink soaks into the paper but not the resist. The choice of colours and brands is endless and some companies like ‘October Afternoon’ have ranges with coordinating spray inks.

No wonder I have so many!

I have just tallied mine and I own 96 (yikes).  How about you?

Please count your stash and leave your total in the comments section below.

3 lucky random winners will receive a gorgeous Prima Pack.

prima prizePacks may vary slightly.


11 thoughts on “How Many Spray Inks Do You Own?

  1. I own 130 No I don’t have them all ass yet, there’s so many more colors I’d like to add… confession of a scrap-aholic 🙂 My favorite brand being Lindi’s Stamp Gang which makes up 76 of the collection.

  2. 15. Plenty of room to grow! But I do own the primary colours and have been known to mix them in test tubes to get the exact colour I really wanted.

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