DIY Christmas Bonbons (part 2)

Here is Part 2 of ‘DIY Christmas Bonbons’! Click here for the first instalment. We continue where we left off yesterday and finish adding gifts and goodies to our bonbons and finally decorate the bonbons with an assortment of embellishments!

Bon bon-7

Stage 2 (cont’d): Filling your bon bons

Christmas Hats
Don’t forget those gorgeous hats that flatten your hair and clash with what you are wearing…it wouldn’t be Christmas without these.  Here is a template I created for your Christmas crowns. This fits the adult heads in my household so hopefully it will fit yours too. (Ed note: Right-click and ‘save target as’ to save it to your computer!)christmas hat template

The fabric paper the florist uses to wrap flowers is great for making hats as it is very cheap (especially if you keep it from the flowers your partner gives you, LOL!), relatively strong yet just a little stretchy to fit well.  You can decorate the hats by stamping with foam stamps and paint. Kaisercraft paints work very well for this.

Bon bon hat and inks

Bon bon fill

Bon bon hats

(The tabs at the end allow extra room for those at your Chrissie table with bigger heads.)

Cracker snaps
All good crackers must go ‘bang’.  The pulls can be purchased cheaply from stores such as ‘Riot Crafts’.

Special treats
What goodies will you put into your bonbons?  Very special gifts such as items of jewellery can enclosed….what a fantastic way of delivering a present.  Lottery tickets, ‘scratch and win’ tickets, coins or simply yummy chocolates.  I included three chocolates in each of mine.

Now! Put the goodies in.

Bon bon fill-2

Wrap up the goodies in your folded hat and put them into the bonbon. Close up the bonbons using ribbons.

Stage 3: Decorating the bonbons

Pull out your embellishments, chipboard, bling, stickers and ribbon and decorate to your heart’s content.

Tomorrow, we finish off with part three of the DIY Christmas Bonbons series!


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