Winner of ‘How Many Stencils Do You Own?’

Good morning scrapbook fans!

Yes, it is official; we all love stencils. From last month’s post ‘How Many stencils Do You Own?’ most of you own quite a few … and  one wonderful lady even owns more than me. (Phew what a relief – for me that is! LOL)  Those of you who do not have many–or in fact the one lady who owns none–all would like more.  I have to guiltily admit that I now own 5 more, so my total is now 116.  Two stencils were part of the generous pack that I received at Heidi Swapp ‘Make Pretty Stuff’ classes and I purchased three more.  How could I resist Tam’s Whimsy stencils?  I know I am a hopeless case, but I am having LOTS OF FUN.

Now it is time to announce the winner…

…except that I am going to make one change. Due to the great comments  you left and the very generous nature of Scrapbook Creations there are going to be three random winners.


The winners are: Louella, Meredith and Belinda Scott.

Girls, please e-mail our lovely editor Ellen (eharvey [at] with your contact details so we can send your goodies out to you quick smart.

Remember you have to be in it to win it.  Look out for the latest ‘How Many Do You Have’ competitions coming up very very soon.

JennyGarlickThanks for playing along with me!



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