Imaginarium Designs’ Design Team’s TOP TIPS

There are so many new and exciting things happening in scrapbooking and for someone who is new to this wonderful hobby, finding your way through the maze of products and techniques can be quite overwhelming and difficult! So I had a chat to the girls on the Imaginarium Designs Design Team and asked them what are their top tips for scrapbooking!

Lady GraceLady-Grace Belarmino: Before starting, gather all the possible items you will need – coordinating papers, embellishments, accents, paints, etc. It is easier and less time consuming because you have mostly everything within arm’s reach.

Sue SmythSue Smyth: My top tip is to keep your work around you on display as this will inspire you and give you confidence to tackle another project. Also for the bigger projects, start with a sketch, break it down to elements and just do one at a time then assemble.

KarenKaren Zueger: I love to go through my stash of papers and accent pieces to see what will compliment the photos that I’m planning on using. It helps to know what I’m using in advance and really helps to make the photo look even better.

sandrine dawesSandrine Dawes: I have loads of 12×12 patterned paper I know I will never use (too old or not my style anymore), I like to cover a few with gesso for later projects as they become white again, I also love to use mask and texture paste as well, and you can do a few at a time too! Very economical! 

Sarah RoutledgeSarah Routledge: Experiment! I love trying new techniques and mediums and experimenting! They may not all be masterpieces but it is fun and you’ll learn what works (and what doesn’t)! Don’t be afraid to make “mistakes” – sometimes those turn out to be the most interesting element on a page!

Ingrid GooyerIngrid Gooyer: Don’t throw anything away! Since I started scrapbooking I see a project or embellishment in everything around me. It’s getting a bit out of control but I really can use anything and my family knows already that nothing can pass the trash can without mom’s approval! I just love going to flea markets and even the non scrapbook stores have great things you can scrap with or have special things you can alter! Also think about twigs from your garden, tissue papers, single earrings, an old necklace, labels from clothes, old packages, left over chipboard, toothpicks, fabrics, I even cut up an old klamboo for decoration. These will give your project a great extra touch or an original embellishment. Just let your imagination go and have fun during the process!

Patricia BassonPatricia Basson: Keep in touch with the newest trends in scrapbooking and the arts by visiting on-line boards such as Pinterest. I go to various non Scrapping boards for ideas as well such as Art, Design, Illustration. As of lately I keep my cereal boxes, I cut them up neatly and use them to back my Card stock when I do a Mixed Media page…it keeps my papers from warping too much.

JulianneJulianne McKenna DeLumen: I always keep a stash of white flowers on hand – they can be coloured to match any layout or project. Have you run out of room to add journalling to your layout? Then journal around the outer edge – this doubles as a border that helps to frame the layout.

Amy Voorthuis AfbeeldingAmy Voorthuis: I always ink my chipboard pieces in white ink…..then the next layer will attach better! Another one: if you use sprays on your layout your paper will bend a bit to get it straightened I use double sided tape and layer it on a piece of cardstock then it will get flat again!!

NatalieAnd finally … my tip: I love to work from a sketch – takes all the guess work out of designing a page – it won’t take long before the page takes on a life of it’s own but let the sketch guide you.

NatMaySo there are certainly some wonderful tips and some great advice there. What are your tips? — Natalie


2 thoughts on “Imaginarium Designs’ Design Team’s TOP TIPS

  1. Thanks for so many tips.. another tip is to just be yourself..what you like on your page will be ok.. I get so overwhelmed by the different styles of scrappers and while I love them, I will never be like many of them…and that is ok…

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