Trend Alert: Sequins!

sequinsSequins! Love them or hate them there is no denying that they are a hot trend in scrapbooking at the moment.

I have to say though that when I think of sequins it usually brings an images kinda like the one on the right to mind — images from my childhood of crafts gone wrong and “lovely” 80’s fashion that I am sure my Mum owned.

But Before I give the humble little sequin a non-deserved bad rep let me show you  how I have seen these awesome haberdashery embellishments  used on beautiful layouts, project life pages and off the page items:

Here is a few ways in which scrapbookers have been using sequins in their work recently :

c3c82a0932f0ef9a3108b5ac0a42d5781/ Stitching them down:

This may be a fiddly technique but either machine stitched into a banner or individually hand stitched on this is a gorgeous way to incorporate sequins into your scrapbooking.

2/Create confetti shaker pockets:

Whether on a card, layout, or in a project life page, you have to admit shaker pockets add an element of cool to your projects. Use vellum, acetate or clear plastic and stitch or stick to create these neat little interactive embellishments.

3/ Add texture:

Sequins work really well incorporated into a mixed media style finish. Simply stick them down and then add your favourite mediums like gesso or distress paint as a base and them mist, spray and ink away till your hearts content.

Glitter N Glue DIY Sequin Valentines Cards SEQUINS

4/ To create words:

This is just one of the many online tutorials on how to use this funky technique but either stuck down individually or in a string (as the picture shows) titles and words look amazing written in sequins.

5/ Or just add a little somethin’ somethin’:

Sequins are fantastic simply stuck down in a  “scattered across the page” look (although we all know that the right colour and placement to achieve this “random thrown” look is crucial!)

ReneeIvesonHope you feel inspired to get creating with sequins! Would love to see your sequiny work link it in! — luv Renee xoxo


2 thoughts on “Trend Alert: Sequins!

  1. Sequins are great aren’t they?…except I get sticky fingers and make a mess attaching them .LOL
    I went to Heidi Swapp’s ‘Make Pretty Stuff’ classes last Monday. Our aussie talent Kim Jeffress taught the middle session where we made a gorgeous Christmas book. And yes you guessed it we used sequins!! We made an acetate shaker, vellum heart shaker and did some sequin sprinkling. Have a look for yourself.

  2. Love it! I got some sequins in a Teresa Collins pack that I hadn’t known how to use, but this is a great round up of ideas. Thanks for this post! I think I need to try the shakers!

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