Making Roses From Stamped Images

Today, I wanted to do something a little different … a step-by-step guide to make the roses featured in the Bird House below!

Making roses using stamped and die cut images.

(Note: Click on the images below to see the full captions!)

Firstly, stamp 6 sets of petals ranging in size from small to large. I used the ‘Open Vintage Floret Precut Set’ and ‘Mini Vintage Floret Precut set’ by Heartfelt Creations. Then, use the technique outlined in the recent post That Perfect Cut’ Everytime  to cut out the images. I used the Vintage Floret HCD 727 Die by Heartfelt Creations. Ink the edges of the flowers and/or add glitter to the petals if you desire.  Use a stylus and make circular motions on the back of the petal to shape it.  Repeat for all petals. Turn the flower over and press in the centre to shape further.


Make the bud by adding quick set glue (I used the hot glue gun) onto opposite petals and then pinching them together. Add glue to the remaining petals separately and wrap them around the bud and pinch tightly.  To make a larger bud repeat with the second smallest set of petals.


To create the rose body repeat the above process with the remaining petals each time using a larger bloom.  This time roll the edges of the petals outwards.


This layout also features the gorgeous roses.

Enchanting Memories

JennyGarlickI hope that you enjoy making the flowers as much as I did.



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