Just How Many Stencils Do You Own?!

Why do we love to buy stencils so much? They are everywhere–in all the papercraft shops and shows, seducing us with their useful, versatile or just plain drop-dead gorgeous designs. They are relatively cheap to buy and you can store lots at home so easily as they lie beautifully compact and flat.

I have 111.  I just love the alphabets, the ultra-versatile dots and squares, the arty silhouettes and all those wonderful other shapes. Please don’t ask me how many I have used, but I definitely INTEND to use them all…one day 🙂

After counting my stencils for you, I vowed to not buy anymore. That was until I went onto Facebook and found a link to Tim Holtz latest stencils – now I need 16 more as these ones are to die for.  Whilst watching the video he also recommended a Distress Ink colour that I didn’t have.  That was followed by a visit to my favourite online scrapbook Store and an $80 purchase later (there were some amazing must have specials and a few brilliant new items) … I wondered, how did that happen??

So, I’ve had to include Tim’s video so you can be tempted too…

How many stencils do you own?  I’ve been honest with you, now it is time for you to come clean. In the comments section below please tell us how many stencils you own and a random winner will be announced same time next month.  Here is a picture of the prize pack to tempt you.


JennyGarlickThanks for playing along!



32 thoughts on “Just How Many Stencils Do You Own?!

  1. I don’t own any stencils which is quite amazing given how much scrapbooking and card making materials I own in my craft room! Thanks for a chance to win!

  2. I have about 5. A couple are full sheet multiple designs but I do want to get more now that I am using modeling paste. Some of the things crafters do with them are amazing! Thanks for the chance to win!

    • Wow I’ll have to go and count them once I am home again since I’m currently on holiday. From memory I’d say I have about 11 but still want more. Surely girls I doubt there will ever come a time in which I will say enough no more wishlist items 😉 I recently got into using them with gesso and gel medium and love it. Once I even decided to color and use one as an embelishment for layering purposes! Yeah I did, but it was not too expensive so I went back and re-purchase it once more.

      • lol
        I’m telling everyone you said that! Might even print it out and frame it to show hubby, or maybe not….He probably doesn’t know I have that many!
        Thank you for your kind words *mwah*

  3. Haha, I love my stencils. I think I got my first one over eight years ago. So I’ve had a while to collect them. But with 111 you beat me. 😉 At last count I had 108 stencils and yes there are more I’d like to buy! 🙂

  4. LOL Jenny I soooo hear you. I mean how many different type of circle stencils do I really need? All of them right LOL!! BTW I stopped counting at 75 as I really had no idea I had even that many and was slightly more than horrified!!!!! 😛

  5. hahaha! Jenny you are so naughty putting that vid on there as I want those stencils now too! But I have 67 stencils in my stash 🙂 awesome post

  6. I am only new to stencils and I only have 9. But I am doing an art subject for Uni this semester so I plan to buy a few more for an assignment I have to do!! Good excuse I think!

  7. HI.. Just for my own curiosity I went and counted my stencils and I have 92.. How did that happen!! hehe.. I have been collecting for many years, started off using them with mists, now love them with modelling paste… and yes as each new one comes out it becomes ‘my new fav’!!!

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  10. Oh I love stencils too – they are so fun to use. I have about 30 but I also create one offs with my cricut or just with a craft knife when I want something a bit different or don’t have what I really want in my stash. Thanks for the Video I just love watching Tim work.

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