Getting to know Renee


I am so very happy to be able to be part of the online team here for Scrapbook Creations and am looking forward to blogging about interesting new trends, undiscovered inspiration and some tasty techniques to get your mojo cranking!

But first I thought I might introduce myself :


The Iveson clan πŸ™‚

My name is Renee Iveson and I live south west of Brisbane with my husband Tim and our two daughters – Viola and Charlotte (aka Shirley) and son Walter. By day I run my own family day care business but in the evenings and weekends I love to create!

I have been scrapbooking for just over a decade now, starting way back in 2003 when I created a forty paged album for my sisters 21st birthday (which is interesting to note that this has been the ONLY album I have ever put together!) as a unique gift of childhood memories. After that I was hooked and introduced this awesome hobby to my best friend Gillian Lester who hit the ground running and gave me a partner in crime to scrap, share ideas and new techniques with. As I am slightly technologically delayed – Gilly and I even share a blog.

My scrappy cohort, Gilly Lester and I at a scrappy retreat.

My scrappy cohort, Gilly Lester and I at a scrappy retreat.

Getting up to mischief with Gilly at the June Scrapbooking expo on Angella Peardon's display in Brisbane 2012 (hehehe!)

Getting up to mischief with Gilly at the June Scrapbooking expo on Angella Peardon’s display in Brisbane 2012 (hehehe!)

I think my passion to create is my scrappy strength. I love to experiment and try my hand at techniques and products. I think my style is mostly “messy and lumpy” – mediums and clusters, fabric and up-cycling. My scrapbooking loves are colourful mediums – just about anything Tim Holtz and little bits and bots like Maya Road goodies πŸ™‚

I have been lucky enough to see my work published in all three Australian scrapbooking publications. I have taught classes at scrapbooking store in Brisbane, Sydney and at the scrapbooking expos and craft fairs for both Scrapbook Creations and Scrapmatts chipboards.

I currently am part of the wonderful design team over at Scrapmatts, I also design for the lovely Leanne from Mad About Scrappin’ and have been featured on the Maya Road blog as a guest designer this month. See my blog for some of the post.

My favourite thing about scrapping is the beautiful friends I have made along the way!

ReneeIvesonThanks for letting me share and looking forward to the upcoming post!

luv Renee

2 thoughts on “Getting to know Renee

  1. Congratulation Renee! I love your work and can spend hours looking at your projects. you have such fabulous techniques and add such ammazing texture and detail. SC online are lucky to have you as part of the team!

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