Guest Post: Raquel from A Piece of Cake Designs


What is my store?

My name is Raquel Bowman and my store is a little online store called ‘A Piece of Cake Designs’ (APOCD) which has been my baby since March 2012.

Why did you start it?

APOCD was an idea that I had rolling around in my head since 2011 and official planning and website design began in September 2011, with the launch in March 2012. At the time of our launch, there was a definite gap in the market in Australia for Scrapbooking kits. As an avid scrapbooker, I was a ‘kit purchaser’ myself and found that I was sourcing my kits from the US as there was nothing available in Australia that suited my tastes. Hence, APOCD was born.

What’s your speciality?

I specialise in scrumptious Scrapbooking kits that are filled to the brim with the latest and greatest supplies and also sell exclusive items designed by me only available in my store. I pride myself on putting together gorgeous kits that include coordinating patterned papers from a variety of manufacturers, alphabets, embellishments and as mentioned above, exclusive items that you can get no where else, such as Cherry Flair buttons, wood veneer and masks.

Since March 2012, APOCD has grown dramatically, with the introduction of another smaller kit; a ‘Cupcake’ kit and in January 2013, the launch of our Cherry Flair. Recently, we have also introduced masks and wood veneer designed by myself especially for APOCD.

Our creative space! (Click the images for full-sized pictures.)

My office (left): this is basically a laptop and a cold cup of coffee! Wherever and whenever I have the time to do things for APOCD, I do them ….. ordering, designing exclusive items, blogging, returning emails….you get the drift.

My creative space (middle): I use this space to create layouts for APOCD, to fill and pack orders, etc. It is a ‘working’ space, so mind the mess and clutter!

Boxes of stock (right): This is a regular site in my craft room. A box of stock filled to the brim with the contents of an upcoming Main Cake kit and Cupcake kits just waiting for packing…..(November sneak peeks here!)

Is it fun?

Of course! Playing with products and putting together the most yummy kits and embellishments is fun! I love that my hobby has also turned into a little business for me, especially during my time on maternity leave after having my little girl.

Not only do I get to create kits and embellishments for others to enjoy, but I also get to be inspired by the designers who create for APOCD and be ‘wow-ed’ by their talent!

A little about our exclusive Cherry Flair

Cherry Flair buttons are a 1″ flat backed embellishment designed and created by myself at A Piece of Cake Designs. Cherry Flair have multiple uses and can be used as an embellishment on a Scrapbook Page, a Card or a Project Life Page. The flair are flat backed which means you could even add a magnet to the back and pop it on the fridge.

At the time of introducing ‘Cherry Flair’ to our product range I saw there was an increased interest in them in the scrapbooking industry and we had a gap in the market for them in Australia. I strive to continuously improve the standard of my scrapbooking kits and wanted to create a product which would be an exclusive to my kits and my store. Thats where the Flair came in, plus I personally love them!

The thing that sets them apart from other Flair buttons on the market is firstly, they are designed by me, so my designs will of course be unique to others. I like to release designs that coincide with important events in Australia too, like Australia Day, Anzac Day, etc.

What I love most about my Flair, and those who purchase from me will know this too, is that they are not as thick as most of the Flair on the market now. Our Cherry Flair are also flat backed, not concave which makes them easier to adhere with liquid adhesive or a foam tape. Because they are thinner flair, this makes them ideal for a scrapbooking page, a card and project life pages as they fit beautifully within page protectors.

Other info about us:

Each and every month, in our secure online store, A Piece of Cake Designs releases a Main Cake Kit, a Cupcake Kit and APOCD exclusive Cherry Flair, masks and wood veneer. Both the Main Cake Kit and the Cupcake Kit include exclusive ‘Cherry Flair’ sets that you will not be able to get elsewhere!

Both myself and scrapbooking designer Ebony Van Der Starre create layouts to inspire others on our store blog. We also have guest designers from Australia and other countries working with our kits and Cherry Flair each month to inspire our followers.

The Main Cake Kit and Cupcake kits are very popular and limited in number, so I always encourage those who don’t want to miss out on one of our scrumptious kits to subscribe. We offer a discount on 3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions plus other bonus incentives.

And you can find us ALL OVER the internet.
Website | Store Blog | Raquel’s Personal Blog | Facebook | Instagram

I am so excited to be a featured store on the Scrapbook Creations blog today. Thank you Editor Ellen for this awesome opportunity.

To celebrate and say thank you I am offering all readers of this blog a 10% off discount code to use in the APOCD store. The code is scrapbookcreations10 and can be used up until the 30th November.

I am also offering a giveaway of four Cherry Flair packs. All you need to do is sign up to our newsletter by following the link here, sign up to follow the SC blog (in the sidebar on the right) and leave a comment on this blog post saying you’ve done both!* Our competition will close Monday 4th November at midnight, so that gives you over a week to enter. Check back here for the winners announcement.

– Raquel xxx

*If you have already signed up to follow the SC blog, but not the APOCD newsletter, just sign up to the newsletter and leave a comment. If you’ve signed up to the newsletter and not the SC blog, follow the blog and leave a comment. If you’re already following the blog, signed up to the newsletter, then just leave a comment. Make sure you have done all three things and you’ll go into the draw!

18 thoughts on “Guest Post: Raquel from A Piece of Cake Designs

  1. Already APOCD subscriber but now have subscribed to SC as well 🙂 Thanks for the chance at a great prize!! Love your flairs and kits Raquel 🙂

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