Interview with a Project Lifer

TLP_4978-opt-1-copySo I know a lot of you have got the Project Life bug. Even I have stepped into the world of beautiful cards and pocket pages and have been recording my recent Health Journey through this wonderful system. I have a great friend who has been documenting her everyday through Project Life and thought it’d be interesting to ask her a few questions. Introducing Christine Cid!

How long have you been doing PL?
I used Project Life to record all of 2012 and I’m currently working on 2013.

How long have you been Papercrafting?
I’ve been scrapbooking since the birth of my eldest daughter who is now 11. I started scrapbooking because I wanted to record her milestones and life but I was a really slow scrapbooker and although my craft room was always well stocked in the latest and greatest I would have been lucky to have completed more then 5-8 layouts a year (compared to a full album last year and two full albums for this year).

What got you started with Project Life?
In December 2011 I sensed a real ground swell online and amongst some of my favourite bloggers about this Project Life concept.  I knew that Ali Edwards had been doing it for a long while but I thought it looked too hard.  I couldn’t imagine how I would co-ordinate a whole page of little pockets. However the more that I saw different approaches to Project Life and realised that it was about the journaling, and recording everyday events and keeping ephemera (tickets, receipts etc) the more I realised that it was a style of craft that seemed to be designed with me in mind.  My 12×12 layouts always had journaling and if you turn them over there is generally a full 12×12 page of journaling about the layout on the back.  To this day my PL album is like an illustrated journal.  It reminds me of the diaries from 100 years ago – where ladies pressed flowers and stuck dance programs into their diaries.

What are your key product requirements for PL?
The truth is you could do PL with a single core kit, a pen, some page protectors, album and photos.  I however have an immense love of pretty things and collect a lot of product that I use in my album.  In my defense each of my five kids has an album that I try to add a double page spread to every six months and I have our family album.

Physical Cards
Essential to PL. I use a variety of cards and I make my own cards.  I use Becky Higgins Core kits, including Jade, Seafoam, 5th and Frolic, Kraft, Olive, Midnight and some of the mini kits.  I also use some Snap products, I have a few Studio Calico cards and random bits and bobs that I’ve collected.

Digital Cards
I also have all of the digital Becky Higgins Kit and a substantial digital scrapbooking collection – about 80 GB last time I checked.  I am hybrid scrapper and often make cards using digital cards and elements. I also love adding digital brushes to my images (Ali Edwards and Studio Calico Brushes are amongst my favourite).   I use Photoshop CS6.

WRMK Corner chomper (yellow handle is a perfect match), Tim Holtz Tiny attacher, double sided tape, Silhouette Cameo (cutting titles and cards).

Picturemate 235
I love my Picturemate, it really makes it easier to stay on top of my album.  The Epson Picturemate is a small personal photo printer.  It only prints 6×4’s and because it’s a dedicated photo printer it does a great job.  It is more expensive then taking them to the local photo printer but for me the convenience and the quality make it worthwhile.

I open my album, edit my photos, print them and then insert them into my page protectors right away.  I often rescale two photos onto my 6×4 clipping template and print straight from Photoshop.  This makes it easy to fill the 3×4 slots with photos (I have a tutorial on how to do this on my website).

Washi tape, Flair, Stamps (ridiculous quantities) – one of my favourite designers being the talented Australian Kellie Winnell, Imaginarium chipboard, Wood veneer.

Apps for the iPhone
I use a couple of apps to help me with my PL album.  I love Instaweather Pro which allows you to overlay the weather and your location onto your photo.  I also love Momento which organises my Facebook and Instagram feeds into a chronological list.  Fuzel makes great collages of iPhone photos as well.

What is your Fave collection?
Mmm, that’s like choosing your favourite child.  I think it would probably be Kraft or Jade.  Although Seafoam was beautiful as well.  I like those two because they have lots of variety, beautiful journaling cards and great colours.

Tell us about your process: do you do it daily or once a week?
I definitely don’t do it daily.  In fact I’m not even a weekly scrapper.  Our life is fairly busy so I usually have a weekend every 6-8 weeks where I ignore the housework and work really hard.  I usually get about 7-8 double page spreads done in that one weekend.  I don’t like to talk about ‘being behind’ or ‘catching up’ because I think too many people pressure themselves with the notion of weeks and staying caught up.  My albums are chronological and I use a weekly template to keep track of events but if nothing happened that week I just move onto the next thing.  It’s very laid back.  If it’s not fun, I don’t want to do it anymore.

A few of Christine’s fave pages:

You can follow Christine on Instagram and her blog. Thanks for sharing Christine!

NatMayTell us below in the comments: Have you caught the Project Life bug?


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