Do you use flairs? Buttons? Badges?

flair cluster

We can never quite figure out what to call them, but those gorgeous one-inch flairs are growing in popularity and we just LOVE them. In TEN DAYS we’re hosting a blog hop with A Piece of Cake Designs (a local Australian flair-maker) and we want you to be part of the blog hop. To be considered to be part of the blog hop team, leave a comment below with a link to a blog post where you have used flairs.

* Let us know if you use APOCD flairs too!

Then next Wednesday, we’ll contact all of you letting you know if you’ve made the blog hop. If so, we’ll get you to make a project (layout, card, tag, PL entry, OTP) with some flair and post it to your blog on Monday 28 October 2013.

Get it? Got it? Good. Now link away!


18 thoughts on “Do you use flairs? Buttons? Badges?

  1. I use flair on pretty much EVERY SINGLE project I make, and you only have to trawl through my blog to see that. I use lots of different brands, including APOCD.
    Here’s a recent page using APOCD flair:
    And it’s not just layouts. I use them on cards too:
    Would love to take part.

  2. Me <~~ addicted to bages. There is one on almost all my latest layouts (and beyond) and I would LOVE to be part of the hop! My blog is: 🙂

  3. I’d love to be part of this blog hop! Flairs are my new addiction, and I use them on nearly every layout!!
    Please check out my blog for lots of examples!

  4. Oh I’d love to be a part of this blog hop!! I’m not sure I can remember the last time I didn’t use flairs on a layout LOL!! Here’s a link to my blog ..
    Just about everything has a flair on it! For ‘lots’ of flairs please have a look see at these two layouts .. and
    Thanks for the chance to be a part of your blog hop!!! 🙂

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  6. I’m a flairbadgebutton MANIAC…. Just ADORE them & it’s rarely I creat a LO without em….this one even has APOCD one on it:
    & this is my OTT page…..if it’s possible to actually go OTT, of course!!!!!
    Crossing my fingers…toes…hands….eyes:):)!!!!!!! Thanks for the opportunity:):)

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