Design Diva Week: Michelle’s Metallic Masterpiece

SONY DSCThis is the last post for our Design Diva week–what a wonderful and inspiring week it has been! Michelle Logan has a very unique and special style–it’s why we choose her as one of our Divas. And today, she’s sharing some of her techniques on how she creates these metallic masterpieces!

Technique 1: Textured background
This textured background was made by: using a palette knife spread a a thick layer of Light Molding Paste, whilst still wet press a stamp into the paste to create a pattern. Keep stamping till you are happy with the effect. When dry spray mists or paint away to your hearts content!

Technique 2: Chipboard as a stencil
To get the mini planes in the background all I did was place the chippies down on the page and sprayed them with mist. Lift them carefully off and redo in another spot on the page. Scrap FX mini planes pack have 6 in the packet so this was easily done. Then you also have perfectly coordinated embellishments for your page as well.

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