Themed Tuesday: a lot late (#2)

IMGP0982It’s Friday, so definitely not Tuesday. This is my first problem. My second probably is that this Themed Tuesday is being posted THE MONTH after it closed. This is the second problem. But when you look below, you’ll see it was worth the wait.

Our first call was for Sunset layouts, asking readers to “think of purples, oranges and pinks. Think of the warm feeling you get as you watch one happening right in front of your eyes. Think of the silence at that moment as day turns to night.

It was very short notice, but Anne Patterson rose to the challenge!

What’s more, she shared with us how she created the textured strips of tissue paper!

They were made using tissue paper which had been scrunched up. Using 12mm X-Press it Double sided tape, place where you want the textured strip to go. Place the tissue paper down along the strip and it creates these textured areas. (I have also completed the same technique but with X-Press IT foam tape, to give the textured element height in some areas.)


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