Every Picture Has a Story to Tell – a mini album

<image> We first published “Every Picture Has a Story to Tell” in issue 99. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to hand on all the instructions–it was so detailed and lavish that we only had the first two pages. Now, in one of our first posts on the SC blog, we are finishing what we started so long ago!

Without further ado, “Every Picture Has a Story to Tell” by SANDIE EDWARDS (there are more pics of the gorgeous album at her site…).

Material List

  • Imaginarium Designs: Every Picture has a Story to Tell, Small Butterflies, Love You, Remember, Forever, Together Small, Love, Cherish, Adore Small, Book 3 Sheets, Vine Flourish Tiny, Tulip Corner, Oval Flourish
  • FabScraps ‘Marie Antoinette’ Collection: Pink Carriage, Pink Lady and Children, Garden, Perfumes, and Tag Collection.
  • I am Roses: Pink Roses, Rose Buds, Carnations, Small White Filler Flowers, Leaves
  • Handmade Silk Ribbon Roses and Hand-Created Crystal Stick-Pins
  • Lace: Guipure Lace, Tulle Lace, Netting wedding lace
  • Ribbons: Silk Bias, Seam Binding, Tulle, Fancy Braid, RicRac
  • I Paper: Crystal Art Deco Piece and Round Stud Crystal Pieces
  • HotFix Crystals Various Sizes
  • Adirondack Snow Cap Paint Dauber
  • White Knight Flat Quick Dry Enamel
  • Ranger Distress Ink: Walnut Stain
  • Helmar Adhesives
  • Misc: Eyelets, String Pearl, Silk Threads, Tags, German Scrap, Prima Pearl Butterfly, and Hand-Created Crystal Stick-Pins
  • Tools: Crop-O-Dile, and Rhinestone Applicator.


Instructions for the front cover and first page can be found in issue 99, or via this downloadable PDF.

Page Two

  1. Cut a 19.5cm x 14cm piece from ‘Garden’ paper, ink edges with walnut distress ink and adhere onto page two of mini album.
  2. Affix the chipboard ‘Oval Flourish’ using a thin bead of adhesive to right-hand side edge of album page, and a small butterfly to lower left of album page.  Please Note: When adhering butterfly, only adhere one side of the wing as shown, so that tags can be slid beneath non-adhered wing. Decorate the butterfly’s centre with diamantes, and use a strong adhesive to affix a large crystal oval deco art piece to centre of flourish.
  3. Create a bow from seam binding, and affix to the top of the album page.  Apply glue dots to the ribbon strands and adhere into place.
  4. Create two tags, inking the edges with walnut stain distress ink.  Add eyelets using Crop-O-Dile, and decorate the tags using a range of flowers, lace, ribbon, twine and fancy braid.  Tuck the tags beneath butterfly wing to hold in place.
  5. Add binding holes using Crop-O-Dile.

Page Three

  1. Repeat steps 2-5 of page one in the mini album using ‘Perfumes’ paper.
  2. Affix the ‘Love’ chipboard word to bottom of page as shown, and decorate with a single diamante.
  3. Create a bow and adhere to larger pocket, and use glue dots to affix ribbon strands in place.
  4. Make a range of small, medium and large tags, place eyelets in using the Crop-O-Dile, and decorate as on page two, in step 4.
  5. Add holes in the album page, using Crop-O-Dile to match previous page, and attach eyelets.

Page Four

  1. Adhere wide lace to right side of album page, so that lace overlaps edge slightly.
  2. Making sure the image of the lady and children is central, cut a piece from ‘Pink Lady and Children’ measuring 10.5cm x 13.5cm.  Adhere thin guipure lace to right hand side of image and the half pearl strand along top edge of lace.
  3. From the remaining ‘Pink Lady and Children’ paper cut a piece measuring 20cm x 13.5cm, ink the edges, and adhere onto album page. Allow to dry.
  4. Use the Crop-O-Dile to create album holes in page.
  5. Apply adhesive to the wrong side of the fancy beaded braid, and affix across the right-hand edge where the wider lace was adhered, slightly over-lapping the lace.
  6. Run a small bead of adhesive around the edges of previously cut ‘Pink Lady and Children’ paper piece–on the top, bottom and left hand side edge ONLY–and adhere to page as pictured.
  7. Create a bow from seam binding and affix bow across pocket edge. Use glue dots to hold ribbon strands in place.
  8. Affix ‘Adore’ chipboard word to top of image of pocket, decorate with a single diamante.
  9. Create three tags of varying sizes, place in eyelets, ribbon and braid.  Decorate the smaller tags with lace pieces, and the larger tag with the chipboard word ‘Together’. Add a single diamante.

Back Cover

  1. Adhere thin guipure lace to left hand page edge overlapping the edge of the page.
  2. Using the ‘Garden’ paper cut a piece measuring 22cm x 13.5cm, and ink all the edges using walnut stain distress ink. Adhere thin guipure lace to the wrong side of the top edge of the paper. Allow to dry.
  3. Complete binding holes with Crop-O-Dile and attach eyelets.
  4. Affix the ‘Garden’ paper to the album page, by running a small beading of adhesive on the very edges of wrong side of paper. Do not place adhesive along the lace edge, as this forms a large pocket to store memorabilia.  Affix onto the album page.
  5. Make a bow from seam binding and affix to the top lace edge, and secure ribbon strands using glue dots.
  6. Adhere ‘Tulip Corner’ chipboard pieces into place, at the top of the left side as shown.
  7. Create three larger tags and one small one from the leftover paper.  Add eyelets, ribbon, and fancy braid.  Decorate using a range of lace, braid, German Scrap, ribbon and fancy trim. Slide tags into pocket.

To Complete Album

  1. Thread ring binders through all album pages.
  2. Decorate ring binders using a variety of ribbon, braid, tulle, and fancy threads.

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