on sale NOW: issue #101


Introducing Scrapbook Creations, issue 101. A jam-packed magazine with features including making your own patterned paper, creating new works from old books and even how to include stitching on your layouts! Our Design Divas start their tenure by showcasing their scrapbooking journals, reviewing favourite products and taking on the photoless layout challenge. Our resident photographer, Tiff Firth, shows us how to capture a sunflare, while our OTP expert, Angella Peardon, creates a gorgeous travel keepsake and walks us through the process step-by-step.  We introduce you to a very talented scrapper with a inclination for adding multiple photos to a layout. And, of course, we have the ever-popular reader galleries. This is one issue you can not miss! Get it now while it’s hot off the press.


5 thoughts on “on sale NOW: issue #101

  1. thank you for the most impressive double spread of one of my sunflare photos. most unexpected and hugely stoked. I’ve turned the pages on the magazine over and over finding new little things each time.

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